Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Day of Spring Laundry

The weather has gone from wet to wetter to soaked. Finally a sunny spring day arrived and I used the cement post that are planted in my backyard to hang out my first load of laundry. To tell the truth, it wasn't really laundry. I couldn't manage to pull the rope tight enough to hold a batch of laundry. Since, I was in the process of quilting a bag, I decided to wash the cloth I was going to use and hang it outside to dry. After thirty minutes, the cloth smelled incredibly fresh and light (if you can smell light). Since this one fine day, each day has included some rain or clouds or both. Thus, I have been stuck in the house trying to decide on paint colors. I have spent more on paint samples then paint for an entire room. I have over twenty little paint samples in my paint room. Variations of yellow, gold, brown, white, red, and blue. A plethora of paint. Below is a picture of my bag that I quilted out of the sun dried cloth.

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