Friday, April 2, 2010


There is so much work to done in our house. My head just spins when I think about the work ahead. Today, I am sitting and staring at the dirt, the peeling wallpaper, and the peeling paint, which is not an unusual activity for me. But today is a new day, the sun is out and after a solid month of rain, it is time to take action.

What room should I start on..
In the living room, where we are everyday? In the kitchen, where
I am constantly looking for something that wasn't there an hour ago? Walking from room to room, I finally settle on cleaning the door handles. How long could it take, we only have 14 door handles.

The first step was to Google "how to clean old brass door knobs." It seemed that vinegar and salt was the choice of cleaning solution. I would agree with that advice, it did remove the grim, but it was slow going. After 20 minutes on one door handle that still needed additional scrubbing, I switched to Bar Keepers Friend. The result was fast and amazing. The upper left is the before and the lower left is after the cleaning.

The living room, kitchen, and all of the other rooms can wait, our house has clean door handles.

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